Our Spirits

Treecraft Distillery provides grain-to-glass spirits. The grains we use to produce our spirits are grown in California’s Central Valley, with out base malt coming from the Northwest and Midwest and specialty malts coming from the UK and Belgium.

White Whiskey

TreeCraft Distillery Whiskey

Treecraft White Whiskey is distilled from a unique mash blend of malted and un-malted grain. Our white whiskey is rested in oak at least one hour… just long enough to call it whiskey.


TreeCraft Distillery Vodka

Treecraft Vodka is distilled from a special mash comprised mainly of California white wheat. The white wheat gives our vodka a unique grain forward flavor profile, offering the perfect finish ideal for a martini.


TreeCraft Distillery Gin

Treecraft Gin is distilled from a honey neutral spirit base. Using lavender and hibiscus as the primary botanicals, giving it a beautiful floral profile, making this gin delicious straight up or with a splash of tonic and a slice of fresh lime.